Facial Therapies

Our facials are gentle, yet effective when followed by a home skin care regimen that honors you – regardless of your age. According to Ayurveda, skin care is dependent on seasonal fluctuations and a person’s lifestyle.

In order to live harmoniously with nature, Texas Ayurvedic facial massage is always customized according to your dosha, helping bring out the timeless and natural beauty in you. All products used are 100% natural, using the finest herbs and oils.

Dosha Specific Facial

The facial involves dosha/skin analysis before the start of the facial and use of dosha specific Ayurvedic products. These customized facials are the perfect way to treat the skin with modern, organic formulations while still staying true to herbal traditions found in the practice of ayurvedic skin care. Each dosha facial is customized on every visit to suit your ever-changing seasonal and on going skin care needs. A luxurious and aromatic treatment that creates immediate balance and nourishes skin to its optimal state.

Vata Dosha Balancing Facial

Rid your skin of it dull dryness, and ease your anxious mind with this Dosha balancing treatment. A deluxe facial using intense hydrating and de-stressing products with citrus based aromatherapy specifically for Vata skin and personalities will be performed. You will have your anxious Vata mind soothed by a blissful marma point foot and face massage to ensure you feel peaceful and rejuvenated and you will leave the room with a beautiful glow from top to toe.

Pitta Dosha Balancing Facial

A complete re-balancing for sensitive Pitta skin, and a calming therapy to soothe the fiery Pitta temperament. You will be whisked into a world of harmony and luxury with a supreme Ayurvedic facial, using gorgeous aromatic, floral based products. Incorporating a divine Marma point stimulating massage to target all of your stress areas, this will bring your skin and all of your senses into balance and have you ready to take on the real world again.

Kapha Dosha Balancing Facial

This is a wonderful way to cleanse your oily-prone Kapha skin and to re-energise the sluggish Kapha personality. Your skin will be deeply treated to a great pick-me-up with the aroma-therapeutic Kapha range incorporating peppermint and lavender. You will also receive a stimulating Marma point foot and scalp massage to get your circulation going again. Leaves your skin tingly fresh and breathing. Your spark will be back after this totally effective and invigorating therapy.

Time & Date
60 minutes – $65
Series of 6(60 min) – $350

Detoxifying Facial

A truly therapeutic facial to clarify, nourish the skin along with Organic herbs, and detoxifying masks deeply purifying, exfoliating leaving the skin soothed, balanced and refreshed.

Time & Date
60 minutes – $55
Series of 6(60 min) – $300

Rejuvenating Facial

Experience how this unique combination of gentle balancing touch, use of marmas (vital energy) points, stimulating scalp and ear massage, together with aromatic oils help deeply calm, refresh, and re-energize your face and whole being. The rejuvenation begins with a short consultation. Provides a natural anti-aging effect. If you love facial massage, this treatment is for you! Also, includes the foot massage.

Time & Date
60 minutes – $75
Series of 6(60 min) – $400

Deep Cleansing Facial

The therapy specifically for the most sensitive skin types. Our gentle herbal exfoliants deeply cleans, detoxifies the skin while marma point massage with essential oils and mud mask purifies, revitalizes and restores radiance to the skin.

Time & Date
60 minutes – $45
Series of 6(60 min) – $250

Men’s Ayurvedic Facial

Truly transformative experience for men designed for their specific skincare needs, this treatment combines herbal cleansing with a face, neck, arm & shoulder marma massage to restore vitality and agility.

Time & Date
60 minutes – $60