Why You Should Join

Whether its an hour a week or an hour a month, your exclusive membership offers a wide range of benefits not available to a casual spa goer. With two tier memberships, you will find one that fits like a glove.

Membership has its privileges!

Members given advance notification of special limited offers, allowing them to full advantage of the offer before the general public. Join Today and get an extra bonus from Texas Ayurvedic Spa.

We want to reward you for taking the time to take care of your #1 asset – YOU!

Texas Ayurvedic Club

Membership is $49 per month with your monthly investment subtracted from your first service of each month.(No Monthly rollover if not used) That means you pay $49 at the first of the month. For example, if you get a massage, the difference you pay is $20 at the time of service. It’s like breaking up your service investment into 2 payments!

Texas Ayurvedic Plus

  • For clients especially interested in essence of ayurveda and wellness, the AYURVEDIC PLUS TIER, also known as Ayur Lifestyle Coaching, is a perfect fit.
  • Membership is $69 + 10% off a month, with your monthly investment subtracted from your first service of each month.
  • Texas Ayurvedic Plus Members get preferred status.
  • Members get one FREE session of Full Body Herbal Steam once in a month.
  • Each service is offered at a reduced rate, as much as 10%!
Wellness Points Earned
For each $ spent, Earn Wellness Points. 10
Buy gift certificate, Earn Wellness Points. 20
Introduce friend/family to Texas Ayurvedic, Earn Wellness Points. 20
Introduce your friend to Texas Ayurvedic Tier#1 or Tier#2 membership, Earn Wellness Points for yourself & for your friend. 50 each
Enroll in membership, Earn Wellness Points. 200
Book your appointment at the time of checkout, Earn Wellness points. 1000
For Every 2500 Wellness Points $25 gift certificate
For every 5000 Wellness points One free therapy of your choice