About Us

Who We Are

Tired, tense muscles. . . million mile feet. . . neglected skin care. We know them well! That’s why we take care with slow, careful strokes to seek out obstinate knots, tired feet and put roses back in your cheeks. As a small, dedicated group of health care practitioners, we make it our life’s work to ease the stress out of a long day and replenish your spirit. Come and experience for yourself how easy it is to say, "AAHHH, I needed that!"

Our Responsibility

With every new client, we will ask you to complete a brief health questionnaire that outlines your areas of concern; medications you may be taking and any particular areas that your body carries stress. Whether it’s a Shirodhara, massage, facial or even a full body Steam, your health care practitioner will talk with you briefly about any concerns you may have.  It’s our responsibility to ensure that your time with us is comfortable, warm and pleasurable. That’s why we take any health challenges you may have seriously.

Our Therapies

The therapies offered by Texas Ayurvedic not only help restore balance and re-awaken the body’s natural healing mechanisms but also help in understanding how individual factors in one’s body’s constitution affects physical tendencies, moods, cravings, motivation, and behavior. And helps in learning how simple shifts in diet, exercise, and daily and seasonal routines can enhance one’s progress toward increased strength, stability and vitality. Not only do our clients go home feeling renewed in body and spirit, they also report that the benefits from their consultation and therapies continues to grow long after they return. Texas Ayurvedic strives to maintain the highest level of integrity in all of the programs. These therapies, while luxurious in nature, have profound healing and purifying effects.

Our Products

Located in Irving, Texas Ayurvedic is an Ayurveda day spa where the life affirming principles of holistic Ayurvedic healing are followed and customized  massages, diet plans, workshops that are tailored to your specific needs and lifestyle. At Texas Ayurvedic, we use products that are specially formulated, based on Ayurvedic principles. All our therapists are trained in the traditional Ayurveda therapies and our Ayurvedic Consultants are trained in an Ayurvedic degree from renowned Ayurvedic colleges.